Thursday, November 13, 2008

Gchats between nerdy law students

My good friend Pete and I were gchatting today while I was trying to do research & he was sitting in his Federal Criminal Law class & we were both not actually working on the task at hand when we created this incredibly nerdy dialogue. I laughed out loud multiple times in a public place while Pete was unable to keep a poker face in class. The first part of the conversation dealt with a deal devised between Pete and I where I would make a huge bowl of frosting and he would have to take it to his federal crim law course and eat the whole bowl with a big spatula during class. Just shovel & slop it into his mouth. This is more of an "inside joke" between Pete & I (and Jim).

But then the conversation shifted into a little gchat gem. Pete mentioned how his professor's wedding ring looked like a super bowl ring. I said that it would be funny if it were a SCOTUS (Supreme Court Of The United States) ring that was given to him on account of deciding a landmark case. From there, nerdy legal hilarity ensued. This might not be funny to you, but it sure was funny to me!

Peter: that is ridiculous
bradley's wedding ring looks like a superbowl ring
1:41 PM varsity marriage squad
me: haha!!
1:43 PM are you sure it's not a superbowl ring? i bet it's a SCOTUS ring
Peter: haha
1:44 PM jim said rehnquist probably gave it to him
i think it's his birthstone
me: haha
1:47 PM what do you think a SCOTUS ring woudl say? i mean, if he clerked during a landmark case i bet they would make a ring similar to a super bowl ring, but w/ the case on it
1:48 PM Peter: haha!
1:49 PM it would be awesome if the whole trying of the case was like a football game
with all the clerks drinking gatorade
and dumping the cooler of gatorade in stevens' face as soon as he finishes reading the opinion
1:50 PM me: hahaha!!!
Peter: everybody slapping each others' asses as they walk by and pushing each other's heads and stuff
1:51 PM me: haha
1:52 PM can you imagine the post game interviews?
w/ Queen's "we are the champions" playing
1:54 PM Peter: "i really think that for stevens, especially at his age, it was a matter of keeping his intensity level high, and he delivered. he was out there the whole case, just consistently bringing home argument after argument. it goes to show you how much he wanted it, and he did it baby, we did it, WOOOOOO!"
1:55 PM -Clarence Thomas

9 minutes
2:04 PM Peter: "I have just one word for you about what this case was all about, and that is DEFENSE, baby, because if there is one thing that Roe and her team can do, it is put memos on the desk, time and time again. We won today because we didn't back down under that pressure, we kept our intensity level high, and we wanted it, baby, WOOOO! WOOO! WOOOO!"
2:05 PM me: wait...i have to catch up
2:06 PM HAHAHA!!
2:07 PM "I'll tell you one thing that I know is true. There would be no way that we could pull out this W if it weren't for you, the fans, filing your amicus briefs. This one's for you!"
Peter: dude i am having a poker face MELTDOWN right now
i sit in the front row in this class

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I Have a Hankering, not a Hankie

I rarely/hardly ever want anything. Lately I've harbored that rare feeling that hardly ever occurs where I actually want something. I used to act like everyday I was writing/trying out for/starring in a film adaptation of a musical. I want to act like that again. It was really fun.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Things of Excitement

I woke up on Sunday morning have no forewarning that Daylight Savings had taken place. It was very quiet. I stumbled around in my morning stupor, which is very similar to the pleasant awakening that Snow White experienced, and made my way to the bathroom to get ready for church. Upon opening the door to the bathroom and stepping out into the kitchen while putting my glasses on for the first time all day, sort of rubbing my eyes, I noticed the daisy clock hanging on the wall set at 9:00. But my alarm had been set for 8:00? What happened while I was sleeping? Even though it was an hour, it felt like I was in "Back to the Future," for lack of a better analogy. I guess this is just part of the excitement of being a Hoosier & a newbie to the Daylight Savings Club.

Two people over the last week have told me they saw me on the tv. Looks like I'm going to have to deduct 5 more seconds from my time of pending fame. Rats. It is exciting to be seen on CATS though. I think that my soundbite on elections & voting methods is just the beginning.

I have formulated my proposed schedule for next semester. Here are the course titles:

State & Local Government Law
Race, Law, & American Society
Constitutional Law Colloquium: The "Original" Culture Wars
Law of Democracy: Voting Rights
Seminar in Race, Law, and Education

I'm really glad to get out of international law courses. I think these courses are a bit more tailored to my interests, so I'm really excited. I'm particularly excited about my seminar in race, law & education, since I have now made up my mind that I am going to focus on education law and become a high school teacher. Alright!

Tomorrow is election day. I look forward to this day more than any other...except for maybe Groundhog Day. But the fact that it only comes every four years makes it a rare occassion that doesn't lose its luster. I'm printing off my map of the US, writing down the number of electoral votes per state, and getting my blue & red crayons ready. I think the one part that I'm looking forward to the most is Larry King. If any of you caught his performance in the 2004 presidential election, you know what I'm talking about. You could tell he was up way past his bedtime. He turned into this extremely curmudgeonly election day Scrooge, and it was charming. I fell in love with him that night. I just wanted to help him put on his slippers, floor length stocking cap, and one of those big t-shirt night gowns that men used to wear. I wanted to tuck him in and read him "The Little Engine that Could," as he forgot all about the controversy in Ohio and starting snoring in a "mee mee meee" manner. It's things like this that remind me of why I love politics and law and government. I'm so excited! (Pointer Sisters plays in the background as I dance around the law library and everyone stares)